Friday, February 3, 2012

My College Rules # 1. Find Tips!!!

Okay so College is supposed to be the greatest time of our young adult lives right.  Well no one told us all the crap that goes into it also.  The money issues, the wonderful getting together with a roommate who you will or will not kill after those long study hours, finding friends, keeping friends, getting a girlfriend, understanding what the heck my profs are saying, getting my work done, and after all of this has pressed down on top of us we finally attempt to have social lives.  College is supposed to Rule!  For college to Rule! you need to understand My College Rules.  Are they perfect... No!  Are they from real experiences... Yes!  College is tough and yes it is to be fun but it is nice to have a guide of Rules of what to do and what not to do.  Would you rather fumble around like an idiot so that everyone figures out you are the weakest link?  No!!!!! so listen up.  Relationships, Friends, Parties, Homework, Teachers, Sex, Food.  Nothing is safe from my blogging.  It is the truth, even though it comes from my perspective, I can ensure that there will be tips of how to survive college year by year and figure out what is to be done with these wonderful 4 years of our lives. 
So My College Rule # 1... Find Tips and Rules on How To Survive!!!